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Inspiring Engineering Leaders & Driving Developer Creativity

Three of the sharpest minds in engineering leadership team up to discuss, debate, and evaluate how engineering teams can drive productivity, enable creativity, and provide meaning to their work.
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Dana Lawson

SVP of Engineering

Milena Talavera

VP of Engineering

Katie Wilde

VP of Engineering
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A podcast for dev leaders

Dan & Conor talk team building, culture, leadership and dev life with engineering and product leaders from top start-ups, scale-ups, and enterprises.

Hear From The Experts

What is platform engineering, and how is it used in your tech organization? Three of the top engineering minds from Stack Overflow, DataStax, and Reprise are here to answer these questions.

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Rukmini Reddy

SVP of Platform Eng.

Charity Majors

CTO & Co-Founder

Mark Cruth

Modern Work Expert

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