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Why Devs Break Up with Their Bosses w/ Oliver Wyman's Carolyn Vo

Everyone who manages a team would like to think that their employees admire them as individuals and as leaders. That you make an impact on those employees while they work under you and long after you end up moving to new companies and opportunities.

One such engineering leader who has mastered the mix of manager, friend and mentor is Carolyn Vo. A Partner and Head of Engineering at Oliver Wyman, Carolyn is one of engineering’s leading advocates on the benefits of creating a culture of approachability, tinkering and healthy levity.

In fact, in our conversation, Carolyn makes a strong argument that without honing the art of approachable management, not only does productivity suffer, but engineers are consistently looking for the door.

One of our liveliest pods to date, we hope you can absorb Carolyn’s insights and energy no matter where you are on your leadership journey.

Episode Highlights Include:

  • (4:49) Retention isn't important, it's critical
  • (7:26) Why asking engineers "Are you happy?" is a garbage question
  • (12:13) Misconceptions about what makes engineers happy
  • (20:13) Dan & Carolyn's best Easter egg stories
  • (29:52) Flat hierarchy culture
  • (39:38) How to break the ice with your engineers

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