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Where Did All The Focus Time Go? Dissecting 1.5 Million Meetings w/ Clockwise's VP of Engineering, Dan Kador

Where has all the focus time gone? Why does there seem to be less of it at big companies than at startups? And do managers really have as little as they claim?

It should come as no surprise to our listeners that we're big fans of data here at Dev Interrupted. The coolest thing about having Dan Kador, VP of Engineering at Clockwise, on the show is that he brings data we already intuitively understood but could not quantify.

Armed with data from 1.5 million meetings, 80,000 engineers and over 5,000 companies, this episode answers every question your engineering team has wondered about meetings - and might just reaffirm every suspicion you've had too.

Episode Highlights Include:

  • (2:58) Dan's career journey
  • (6:24) What is The 2022 Software Engineering Meeting Benchmark Report?
  • (8:43) How the data was collected
  • (13:50) Is there a Clockwise secret sauce?
  • (20:46) The time it takes to enter a flow state
  • (25:17) The "Coordination Tax"
  • (35:21) How to improve your engineering team based on the data
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