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We Solved Dev Infrastructure, So Why Does it Suck to Build Stuff? w/ Hasura's Tanmai Gopal

In the last decade there have been enormous advances in infrastructure and ops, so why does it suck to build stuff?

That’s the question Tanmai Gopal kept asking himself before founding his company, Hasura. Now, as Hasura’s CEO he’s channeling his chaotic energy in order to solve this problem.

This week’s episode of Dev Interrupted implores listeners to forget about pivoting (it’s just the story other people impose on your journey), shames backend devs for their elitist tendencies and asks why, if Netflix won the battle for infrastructure, are they losing the streaming wars to Disney?

Episode Highlights Include:

  • (2:32) Why does it suck to build stuff?
  • (7:50) Tanmai's advice on founding your own company
  • (12:06) Why the last decade was spent figuring out Ops
  • (23:12) Backend developer elitism 
  • (27:48) Centralized teams vs edge teams 
  • (36:01) Unlocking velocity

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