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The Quest to Build the Perfect Bot w/ Ubisoft's Joshua Romoff

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Almost every single company we talk to focuses on having their engineering teams solve problems.

This is why we jumped at the opportunity to talk to Joshua Romoff from Ubisoft La Forge.

Why? The goal of gaming companies isn’t so much to solve problems, but to enrich their customers’ lives.

That’s a unique, powerful change in how to think about building, developing and shipping features. Something that required Ubisoft to bring in Research Scientists like Joshua to figure out just what it is customers engage with in their games and how to give them more of it using AI.

Whether or not you're a gamer, this is a fascinating conversation on how every engineering team should think about building self-improving features.

Episode Highlights Include:

  • (2:04) What is Ubisoft La Forge?
  • (7:33) Training bots = training a dog or cat
  • (9:30) NPCs of the future
  • (15:16) 90% of academic research is useless
  • (22:56) Prototypes Ubisoft is building
  • (28:18) The video game character Josh would pick for his team

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