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Ship/Show/Ask - A Branching Strategy for Modern Dev Teams w/ Author & Eng Leader Rouan Wilsenach

Branching strategy has been reimagined. Meet the mind behind it. 

In his first-ever podcast appearance, Rouan Wilsenach, author of Ship/Show/Ask: A Modern Branching Strategy, joins Dev Interrupted to talk about his work as an author and the inspiration behind his musings on branching strategy. 

If you haven’t already read Ship/Show/Ask, you can find it on Martin Fowler’s website. It’s one of the most influential articles we’ve read in years. 

Rouan has been more than an inspiration, he’s changed the way our dev teams work at LinearB - and he might just change yours too.

Episode Highlights Include:

  • (2:37) Inspiration behind Ship/Show/Ask
  • (8:17) What is Ship?
  • (10:34) What is Ask?
  • (16:44) What is Show?
  • (21:48) LinearB's gitStream
  • (26:28) Reception to Ship/Show/Ask
  • (36:01) Rouan's #1 takeaway for dev teams

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