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Reinventing IBM | DevSecOps, AI, Quantum Computing w/ IBM Fellow, Rosalind Radcliffe

No company is immune to transformation, not even one with as storied a history as IBM. 

This week on Dev Interrupted, Rosalind Radcliffe, the CIO DevSecOps CTO at IBM, joins us to chat about how one of tech's greatest legacy companies is positioning itself for the future. 

Rosalind shares what it means to be named an IBM Fellow, her work to bring DevOps and open source to the z/OS environment, and what the future looks like at IBM. [Hint: it involves quantum computing and AI!]

Episode Highlights:

  • (2:01) What does it mean to be an IBM Fellow?
  • (3:45) DevOps transformation at IBM
  • (8:38) z/OS
  • (12:40) IBM's founding in 1924
  • (16:38) Moving to a zero trust environment
  • (23:36) Fit for purpose
  • (30:00) Scaling apprenticeship programs
  • (35:11) Quantum computing and AI
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