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Connecting Your Devs' Work to the Business | A Conversation w/ Shopify, Slack & Stripe

"Is my team solving the right problem?" 

To answer this seemingly simple question, we assembled a panel of some of the smartest engineering leaders we know and asked them how they answer this question with their own teams.

Featuring Rukmini Reddy, SVP of Platform Engineering at Slack, James Stanier, Dir. of Engineering at Shopify, and Smruti Patel, VP of Engineering at Apollo, the following conversation debuted in front of a live audience at the Interact engineering conference. 

Originally an exclusive conversation for Interact attendees, we listened to our fans and decided to drop the full conversation as an episode of the podcast. 

Episode Highlights:

  • (2:33) Introductions
  • (6:18) Current economic climate
  • (9:45) "Shipping Theater"
  • (14:10) Project prioritization
  • (17:59) Metrics everyone uses
  • (24:03) Developer experience (DX)
  • (28:05) Why Rukmini loves cycle time
  • (32:29) Blameless incident management culture
  • (37:28) Getting devs closer to customer outcomes
  • (42:06) How our guests keep their teams happy

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