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Not Just a Developer Discord: Meet the New Dev Interrupted

Who says developers and dev team leads can't be the life of the party? Come see for yourself why the Dev Interrupted Discord and Podcast have emerged as the go-to community for engineering leaders. Our developer discord has grown from 0-1300 engineering leaders in just the past 8 months, and our community is attracting the attention of CTOs and VPs of companies like Netflix, GitHub, and Gitlab.

We're incredibly honored that so many people are finding this community valuable and we’re excited to keep the party rolling with our newest launch: - whether you're a developer, a dev team lead, a CTO or VP of Engineering - we want you to feel welcome.

We've built the Dev Interrupted website to serve as the central hub for our growing community. Our mission is to create the most active and engaged community of engineering leaders possible - and to give our community the opportunity to contribute and learn more.

The Dev Interrupted Site Includes:

As members of our community, we also want to give you some visibility into what's on the horizon for Dev Interrupted.

On Our Roadmap:

  • Q&As with leaders and community members
  • More guest articles from community members
  • Live podcast recordings
  • More Discord events
  • Podcast episodes with leaders like Slack’s VP of Engineering Rukmini Reddy 

We're excited for the future and very thankful to have you on this journey with us. You can always reach me for feedback (or site bug reports!) via our developer Discord community or on our Twitter.

Thanks for everything -

Conor Bronsdon

Community & Content Lead, Dev Interrupted

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