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Jan 13 2021

Engineering Customer Success

Customer success can make or break any business, especially when you’re scaling.  Sunil Mavadia, Director of Global Architecture at Cloudbees, has been building and scaling…
  • Leading People
  • Development Process
Jan 05 2021

Outcome-based Development

Continuous Delivery isn’t about how fast you can deliver, it’s about the outcome your delivery achieves.  On our first episode of the new year we…
  • Software Delivery
  • Continuous Improvement
  • Development Process
Dec 28 2020

Automation Limitations

Automation is key when it comes to scaling your engineering efforts, but can you automate yourself out of a job?  On this week’s episode we…
  • Continuous Improvement
  • Development Process
  • Security
Dec 21 2020

Evolving From Dev to CEO

The most prolific companies of our time are run by former developers.  That’s why on this week's episode of Dev Interrupted we bring in former-developer-turned-CEO,…
  • Leading People
  • Development Process
Dec 14 2020

Uncover the Real Senior Developer

Should you be hiring a software developer or a senior software developer…and what’s the difference? And how can you know during an interview?  To help…
  • Leading People
  • Hiring
Dec 07 2020

Uptime Is For Amateurs

You’ve probably heard of Site Reliability Engineering, but what does it really mean? Brian Murphy knows. As the SRE Manager at G-Research, Brian has spent…
  • Leading People
  • Metrics & Visibility
Nov 30 2020

How to Game Dev Metrics

What leads teams to game metrics within their organization? On this week’s episode of Dev Interrupted, we speak with agile expert Ray Elenteny, Principal Owner…
  • Leading People
  • Metrics & Visibility
Nov 21 2020

Asynchronous Communication

After years of experience managing dev teams asynchronously, Cate Huston, Engineering Director at DuckDuckGo, joins us today to discuss why communicating asynchronously makes more sense…
  • Leading People
  • Development Process
Nov 14 2020

What Should Dev Teams Measure First?

Why do we measure dev team metrics? It's even more important to understand this question because most engineers don't like to be measured. So why…
  • Leading People
  • Metrics & Visibility
  • Development Process
Nov 07 2020

Does Dev Methodology Matter?

Every software development method has its own rules your team is supposed to adhere to, but how flexible are these rules and what’s best for…
  • Leading People
  • Continuous Improvement
  • Metrics & Visibility
  • Development Process