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Oct 19 2021

Engineering Screw Ups: How (not) to reorg

Hear Equinix's Senior Director of Engineering Shweta Saraf share her experience learning the hard lessons of engineering leadership, as she tells the INTERACT audience the…
  • Continuous Improvement
  • Development Process
Oct 18 2021

Engineering Screw Ups: When to Automate

As Co-Founder and CTO, you have to make tough decisions with speed but sometimes those decisions bite you in the ass. Here's what happened -…
  • Continuous Improvement
  • Development Process
Oct 17 2021

Microsoft's Research into Developer Velocity

Henrik Gütle, GM of Azure for Microsoft Canada, breaks down the results and key takeaways from Microsoft’s research into the impact of remote work on…
  • Continuous Improvement
  • Development Process
Oct 15 2021

Engineering Screw Ups: How (not) to approach metrics

Chris Downard is a stellar VP of Engineering at GigSmart - but even he makes mistakes. Hear from Chris how he screwed up metrics -…
  • Metrics & Visibility
Oct 12 2021

The importance of an onboarding buddy

"We definitely send a welcome package to our new hires, but more importantly, we pair them up with a buddy" - Shweta Saraf Shweta Saraf…
  • Career Advice
  • Development Process
Oct 09 2021

How to scale your Engineering team

"I believe that essentially the engineering managers are responsible for most of the progress and growth that's being done in your company" - Aviv Ben-Yosef…
  • Career Advice
  • Leading People
Oct 07 2021

Remote forces Businesses to be better

"It has very little to do with where people are physically located and much more to do with how you think about work and ho…
  • Leading People
  • Continuous Improvement
Oct 06 2021

You NEED to protect focus time

"You want to be intentional about these meetings." - Lawrence Mandel Lawrence Mandel tells us why its so important to protect focus time in meetings.
  • Leading People
  • Development Process
Oct 05 2021

How to go from developer to VP

"You have to learn how to establish yourself as a leader as opposed to organically just be a leader" - Brendan Burns Brendan Burns not…
  • Career Advice
  • Leading People
Oct 04 2021

What kind of metrics does GigSmart use?

"Transparency is what matters most, your team can't achieve what you want them to or what the organization needs them to unless they understand what…
  • Metrics & Visibility