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Sep 17 2021

Going from an Individual Contributor to an Engineering Manager is NOT a promotion

In my role as an engineering manager, I know making the leap from an individual contributor (IC) to engineering manager (EM) is not a promotion.…
  • Career Advice
  • Dev Interrupted Discord
Sep 09 2021

How to Be an Engineering Leader: A letter to my past self

Everyone has their own definition of true leadership. What I didn't understand at the start of my leadership journey was that each of us is…
  • Dev Interrupted Discord
  • Leading People
Sep 01 2021

Does Continuous Improvement and Delivery Make You Agile?

I try not to get involved in arguments - but when a debate started in the Dev Interrupted Discord about if exceptional continuous improvement (CI)…
  • Dev Interrupted Discord
  • Leading People
  • Software Delivery
  • Continuous Improvement
Aug 25 2021

Is Remote Work better than In-Office for Developers?

In the past year-and-a-half, going remote has been the primary goal and focus for many companies and individuals. The beginning of the remote work overhaul…
  • Dev Interrupted Discord
  • Leading People
Aug 13 2021

The New Leaders of Remote Engineering Panel

On August 11th, 2021 four of remote work's biggest leaders joined LinearB Co-founder and COO, Dan Lines, for a remote panel discussion of remote work…
  • Dev Interrupted Discord
  • Leading People
  • Software Delivery
  • Metrics & Visibility
  • Development Process
  • Hiring
Aug 05 2021

7 Pieces of Bad Advice for Women in Engineering Leadership

Have you ever attended an event in which you were asked to give advice to someone starting something new (career, baby, wedding)? Whenever confronted with…
  • Dev Interrupted Discord
  • Leading People
Aug 04 2021

INTERACT: The Interactive, Community-driven Conference for Engineering Leaders

INTERACT is the biggest thing Dev Interrupted has done yet. An interactive, community-driven, digital conference on September 30th - by engineering leaders, for engineering leaders.…
  • Dev Interrupted Discord
  • Announcements
Jul 21 2021

ADHD in the workplace - 3 ways you can help devs

In a company with 100 employees, there can be over 10 individuals with some form of neurodiversity such as ADHD, Autism, Dyslexia, or others. While…
  • Dev Interrupted Discord
  • Leading People